ECEN 327 Digital Logic

This course involves the study of fundamental combinational and sequential logic circuit analysis/design. Combinational concepts covered include Boolean algebra, k-maps, basic logic gates, and small/medium scale integrated circuits. Sequential concepts covered include basic latches/flip-flops, counters, memory registers, and basic synchronous systems.

ECEN 328 Digital Logic Laboratory

This course deals with the implementation of basic combinational and sequential logic systems. Small and medium scale integrated circuits are utilized in addition to programmable logic devices.

ECEN 685 EDA: Logic to Layout

This course introduces the following EDA concepts: logic synthesis, logic partitioning, floorplanning, global routing, detailed routing, compaction, and performance-driven layout. The applications of a number of important optimization techniques will be discussed, such as network flow, Steiner tree, scheduling, simulated annealing, generic algorithm, and linear/convex programming.